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Themes For Great Cities

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Though it may lack the veiled political inferences of the Queen’s Message, the unfathomable misery of the Eastenders special or the hilarity of your uncle’s festive excess, the Themes For Great Cities yuletide 12” is a tradition worth upholding. This year’s Christmas cracker comes from label favourite Lucas Croon, a synth-wielding maverick whose CV includes neu-Kraut freakouts with BAR, technoid ticklers with Stabil Elite and unconventional house hits on a solo tip. Where 2016’s ‘Schlachtof Aufnahmen’ drifted through icy kosmische and ecstatic Anatolian house, ‘Ascona’ offers a digital distillation of Madge’s ’80s resort pop, Hardcastle’s ‘Rainforest’ and those random Euro 7” you dig from Flemish flea markets (check the dreamboat digi-dub of ‘S.W.E.D.’ for ultimate balearic B-side brilliance). Packed with knowing ’80s references, playful production and a whole lotta chug, you can file this next to Phaserboys or the Early Sounds Crew.


Patrick says: More steel-melting heat from Dusseldorf's TFGC, courtesy of synth king Lucas Croon. "Ascona" bounces through Balearic house, tropical funk, and floor ready boogie before taking an impressive detour into blue eyed reggae. I haven't got many of this, so get your skates on...


A1. Ascona
A2. Ethnxman
B1. Nachtcafe
B2. S.W.E.D.

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