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K Love

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Cobalt Chapel, the psychedelic folk-rock pairing of Cecilia Fage (Matt Berry & The Maypoles) and Jarrod Gosling (I Monster, Regal Worm) release ‘Variants’, the companion piece to their debut album - a selection of tracks remixed, reincarnated and reimagined. Their distinctive blend of ghostly choral vocals and vintage organs, stripped back and filtered through a spectral prism of dreamlike drones and psychedelics; using Mellotron, cassette loops, effects, accordion, found sounds, field recordings, and sound collage, the album is transformed into a hallucinatory soundtrack of cosmic hymns.


1. We Come Willingly (Variant)
2. Fruit Falls From The Apple Tree (Variant)
3. Who Are The Strange (Variant)
4. The Lamb (Variant)
5. Black Eyes (Variant)
6. Singing Camberwell Beauty (Variant)
7. Two (Variant)
8. Horratia (Variant)
9. Positive Negative (Variant)

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