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12th Isle

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This is very good, so read closely! Another record emerging from their locale, 12th Isle bring Glaswegian-based producer Lo Kindre into their fold with a mind-bursting selection of modern dub, bastardized Kraut and a flowing selection of sonic futurescapes that immediately make you want to grab a phone and compliment the producer on his originality! Daniel Magee has created a masterpiece! 'Crawling out from the undergrowth at the speed of a snail with dreadlocks', "Chlorophytum" should be a welcome paradise for fans of Adrian Sherwood, Bokeh Versions, sci-fi electronix and analogue soundscapes.

Lo Kindre's sound has recently developed by way of countless hours spent twiddling with delay units alongside vintage Italian football commentary and murky casks of Tennents, and has culminated here in the following six tracks. Believe us when we say this is essential! 


Matt says: Fast becoming a buy-on-sight label for me. 12th Isle bring a magestic pot of wacked-out dub and frazzled Kraut via Glasgow wonderkid Daniel Magee


A1. Sounder
A2. I Don't Really
A3. Aibell
B1. No Hiding
B2. Interlude (i)
B3. For Sleep

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