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Blue Flowers Music

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“‘Albatross’ sits in a spot by a fictional lake where you go to escape the worries of day to day existence. It’s a more innocent place, somewhere cloistered and serene. There is a growing impingement on that space as time starts to feel like it moves faster and more demands emerge, and the song reflects that threat. I wrote it alongside the rest of the EP in an intense 3 day period and the rest of the material seeks resolution from the conflict in this track.” - Westerman

“The acoustic ‘Mother Song’ was a breathtakingly sad yet sexy calling card, but, with producer Bullion, he has since added subtle drum machines to create 80s-facing pop balladry” - Pitchfork. 

“‘Albatross’ is his prettiest song yet: metronomic and angelic, breezy yet saddled with unspeakable sadness. The melody is gorgeously fluid, the pulse subtly emphatic” - Stereogum.


Outside Sublime

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