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La Beauté Du Négatif

About this item

One from the exquisite La Beauté Du Négatif camp released last year but somehow got buried under a pile of electro swing bullshit and we've only just unearthed it frantically looking for a green marker pen (don't ask..)!

ANYWAY - this is an absolute bonus for you lot as this is sold out everywhere! La Beauté Du Négatif have carved a completely unique niche out for themselves, and this record further bolsters the label with more highly individual sounds. Taking cues from jungle and breakbeat, The Jaffa Kid offers up four tracks that skirt stylistically into said territories but are reluctant to completely commit to the dancefloor, keeping a toe in more cerebral and heavenly realms. There's more than a hint of vintage, pirate radio influences too, with darkside pads, melancholic strings and re-vamped breaks littering the tracks. Another sterling addition to the label and a must for any old skool jungle / break hardcore heads. T I P!


Matt says: Mega ruff-neck jungle biznis blurred into oblivion. Like you're coming down off a 3 day speed binge whilst a dystopian end-of-world rave apocalypse kicks off outside. Mega.


Side 1
1. Jenesis (3:32)
2. Do The Job (4:58)
Side 2
1. Place (7:12)
2. YYRYRR (5:12)

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