Proto Persuasions Volume 1

Image of Unknown - Proto Persuasions Volume 1
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The *wonderfully* named Rapscallion (one of my favourite words if anyone cares...- ed) brings 3 ridiculous, broken reworks that are sure to raise an eyebrow or two for its inaugural release.

We’re not being told who in particular is responsible for such goodness here but rest assured an accomplished veteran must be at the helm for sure...

Kicking things off is "A Dis Yah Secret Friend" - a brilliantly executed piece of fusion. "Find a Way" follows next, and takes two different versions of Stanley Cowell's "I’m Trying to Find a Way / Trying to Find a Way" (both as deserving of an edit as the other), adds a bus load of bottom end, beautifully layered percussion and some authentic jazz-dance infections to create a future Dingwall’s classic!

"Little Rudeboy" closes proceedings. Originally out in ’84, only 1 minute and 32 seconds in length and strewn with proto Brazilian boogie synthesizers - a rework / edit of this has been a long time coming and so fits the bill perfectly for Rapscalion's debut release! All rejoice! 


A Dis Yah Secret Friend
Find A Way
Little Rudeboy

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