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Wacked-out shamanic house and tropical rhythms here from the amazing Minimalafrika crew and released via E-Beamz. Five hi-definition, rainforest house excursions that should appeal to fans of Auntie Flo, Sotofett and Sued records, There's an air of quality and flair coursing through the whole record that sets it miles ahead of the esoteric also-rans.

Whilst imposing a truly otherworldly palette of sounds, the rhythms driving the tracks are familiar and humane; the perfect contrast of the unknown with the familiar, it's unlikely not to find favour on any forward focus 'floor and comes accredited with a 5*s from our resident psychonaut Kickin' Pigeon. Don't sleep!


Side 1
1. Swamp (2:49)
2. Tropifunkammammet (5:26)
Side 2
1. Cleaning Service (4:46)
2. Blissful (4:18)
3. Vast Echo (6:05)

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