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Guitar Thing

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Modern Urban Jazz

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First release on Modern Urban Jazz and it's very, very tasty! Q Project delivering a three track EP of modern junglist pressure with original beat programming and old school, jazzy vibe.

Lead track, "Guitar Thing" combines marble granite breaks with Photek-esque stabs and pummeling 808 subs. When it drops to just the drum and bass section the woofers are seriously tested under weight of the B-line - large!

"Wild Pitched" relies on intricate, frenetic drum sequencing, tension fuelled flute refrains and an inventive arrangement to turn heads and twist bodies - ably taking us through the mid-session with a style and grace the true heads will relate to and more than suited to the camp of 'Modern Urban Jazz'!!

"Instrumental" is remixed (unaccredited) but is another hi-octane jungle ride into the jazzy and cerebral textures of yesteryear, galvanized through hi-def DSP patches and rich mastering.

A truly wonderful start to this label - obviously one to watch - and this record's bound to end up highly collectable by those in the know. Don't sleep!


Side 1
1. Guitar Thing (7:31)

Side 2
1. Wild Pitched (5:45)
2. Instrumental (remix) (7:08)

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