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Rokanbo EP

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Cracki Records

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There are some people out there who can't help but make you feel inadequate - fantastic, charismatic bastards whose boundless energy, brilliant talent and superior skill suggests they're actually just more evolved than the rest of us. So it is with Leon x Leon, a Parisian doctor, digger, DJ and producer, who climbs mountains, makes your earth move and grooves you greatly whenever he's up in the spot. And when he isn't ripping it up on a rooftop DJ set, saving lives or tackling a multi-pitch ascent without breaking a sweat, Leon x Leon can be found in his home studio, fusing italo, house and boogie into neon tinged heaters for the likes of Red Laser Disco or Good Plus, the label he founded with his friends at Les Yeux Orange. 
Now two years on from his last EP, our hero finds himself on Cracki, coming in hot and heavy with a five track frenzy of mature and diverse dancers for party people everywhere. The titular "Rokanbo" rocks your socks and sandals right off, bouncing out the A1 with an infectious fusion of acid, house and zouk. An intoxicating tropical tipple, "Rokanbo" delivers a string of bright and buoyant synth riffs, subtle percussion and a KILLER bassline, before blasting into the stratosphere via a bubbling 303 and massive synth brass solo - pure Rubicon tackle. Next up, "Formant Sweep" treats us to a squiggling bass line and spiralling synthlines, picking up a couple of classy keys on the way to mid 80s New York. If you're a fan of FK, Boyd Jarvis and Timmy Regisford, this proto-house peach will have you reaching for your Prelude jams. "Jungle Juice" transplants the party from Zanzibar to...well...Zanzibar, simmering sultry melodies, warm pads and a discoid bassline into a true techno-tropical jam, while "Red Footpath" and "Horizon" get deep, deep, deeper into this thing, balancing tougher NJ house percussion with atmospheric pads, tacky bass with trilling flute, Mediterranean optimism with New York grit.
Exotic, evocative and utterly irresistible, this is the Frenchman's finest work to date. 


Matt says: KP tip - double dose with a can of Rubicon for the ultimate party power up.

Patrick says: Beat the seasonal blues from the comfort of your own turntable with Parisian producer Leon x Leon. Ignore the EasyJet offers clogging up your inbox and invest in something way groovier. Acid zouk? Island disco? Proto House? If you're after a breath of fresh air and a blast of high end floor fuel, this is for you.


A1. Rokanbo
A2. Formant Sweep
A3. Jungle Juice
B1. Red Footpath
B2. Horizon

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