It's A Mess

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Sharp Flat

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Two sizzling South African boogie tracks from Kabasa’s Tata Sibeko. A killer producer, arranger and bass wizard, Tata channeled the gloomy current affairs landscape of 1985 into a glimmering Afro-synth nugget. As SA pop embraced 1980s synth sounds, Maxi Singles on 12-inch vinyl became a new canvas of expression with wider grooves for fat beats and extended mixes that suited dancefloors.
The supergroups of the 1970s fragmented into solo recording artists with the likes of Harari’s Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse releasing his seminal “Burnout” single in 1984. Former Kabasa frontman Tata Sibeko dropped “It’s A Mess” in 1985, addressing the world’s Cold War climate with an appeal to “learn to love each other” and “save ourselves from catastrophe.” The B-side “Afro Breakdance” marked the evolution of Tata’s Afro-global sensibilities from “Afro Funkin’” that had appeared five years earlier on Kabasa’s self-titled debut in 1980. Tata Sibeko (RIP) passed away in 2017 after approving the restoration and reissue of this single. This release is dedicated to his kindness, charm and creative zeal.


Patrick says: Was there a more OTT decade than the 80s? I think not. This 1985 mover sees former Kabasa frontman prove dry ice drama made it as far as South Africa with a sizzling synth funker about the cold war. Swtich it up on the flip for an e-e-e-lectro flyer called "Afro Breakdance".


A1. It's A Mess
B1. Afro Breakdance 

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