I Know You Feel It

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Smiling C

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Kumasi was a group comprised of Ray Phiri, Jabu Sibumbe, Isaac Mtshali and Lloyd Lelosa. Sometime between their formation as The Cannibals (*needing reissues*) and the almighty group Stimela, Kumasi released one album and a couple of singles. The artists had contracts under Gallo and couldn't reveal that they were linked to the music in any way, leading Kumasi to have only a brief mysterious run in the early 80s.
But the secret's out! This release presents a collection of five songs from their incredibly rare full length LP, and adds to that their version of the South African classic, ‘Picnic’. Pressed as a 2x12” compilation, sounding incredible! Kumasi brings a unique blend of disco funk with that special South African tinge.
Ray Phiri died in 2017 - this album goes out in his dedication.


Patrick says: All the bloggers and deep diggers rejoice - Smiling C are here with a reissue of Kumasi's dubby, Afro-disco masterpiece "I Know You Feel It". Jazzy chord progressions, infectious grooves, sleazy synths and rock action abound on this frisky biscuit, take a bite and shake a leg.


She's A Queen
What's On Your Mind?
I Know (You Feel It)
Dali Wam
Picnic (Moger) 

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