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Relmer International

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Magnetron Music

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Amsterdam newcomer Relmer macks the fuck out on his self titled debut, donning the Roland bodysuit for a four tracker of advanced hardware manipulation and floor filling vibrations across a range of styles and feelings.
We're rocking in Rimini on opening cut "Bluff Dance", a muscular Italo pumper which speeds through the night with the guttural thrust of a Lambo Countach. The relentless bass sequence plays off interlocking leadlines and off beat synth stabs before spinning out into an ectoplasmic eruption of neon and LSD. If you play it loud enough, you'll probably summon Il Bosco. If that energetic shizzle has you in need of a breather, look no further than the A2 and "Nightingale", a supremely Balearic bit of early hours exotica which harnesses the future primitive power of 84 Laurie Anderson or Art Of Noise for the ultimate New Age dancefloor delight.
Flip it and don your Drexciyan wetsuit for the wavejumping sounds of "Paraiso", the mechanical electro anthem for those blue people in Avatar and the dubby tribal roller "Wokota", a shamanic jam for the froglickers of the world.


Patrick says: Dope debut from Dutchman Relmer International here, covering nuovo Italo, Balearic beat, nuanced electro and rainforest house. Already stashed for my coolest customers.


A1. Bluff Dance
A2. Nightingale
B1. Paraiso
B2. Wokota 

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