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Dusty Donuts Vol. 11

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Dusty Donuts

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The Dusty Donuts crew are back at it again, and if ten releases weren’t enough, the eleventh, which features Jim Sharp is what we love to refer to as a certified banger. You see, this crew is deep with the digging knowledge, DJ experience, and the production skills to reinterpret classics for not just disc jocks but for the mainstream public to get up off of their seats and jam. Number eleven features two very prominent tracks, “Rising To The Top”, an eighties classic from Keni Burke blunted out to the max, as well as an edit of Rick James’“Mary Jane”with enough buddah funk in your trunk to get it moving. “Rising To The Top”in its original form is a feel good, get up out of your seat joint that makes you wake up your body and move it around. The bass line/ drums in this mix are so infectious, so damn good that if people can’t move to this relick, you might have to keep a doctor on hand to check pulses. Sharp’s edit of “Mary Jane”, one of the best tracks dedicated to weed in the history of weed songs, is completely on point. Like MJ, it’s not the type of track you can just tie, down, it likes to spread its love around.


Millie says: The eleventh instalment of Dusty Donuts doesn’t disappoint, full on funk classic with this Jim Sharp remix. You won’t wanna take this off the turntable!


A - Risin’ To The Top (Jim Sharp Edit)
B - Mary Jane (Jim Sharp Buddah Mix)

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