Skeleton Army

Catchy Schism

Image of Skeleton Army - Catchy Schism
Record Label
Killer Smile

About this item

Breathtakingly good techno-breakbeat-garage hybrid here from Skeleton Army, the first release on Killer Smile.

Poised between rolling garage, deep techno and delicate breaks, the tracks on offer here showoff a sophisticated edge; tailor made for the club but choosing style and finesse over a barrage of beats and frequency assaults. There's loads of space, loads of dynamics, loads of tension - "Bedlam Jennie" perhaps being the most taut and dramatic of the four tracks. The sound is polished and advanced, with a textured, attention grabbing palette and timbre throughout.

Basically, this is ace! You need. 


Matt says: Advanced nightclub engineering; a pleasure to both play and move to, and therefore a tantalizing option for both DJs and dancers alike.


Side 1
1.Catchy Schisms (4:44)
2.Bedlam Jennie (5:31)
Side 2
1. Dynamite Revolution (5:06)
2. Touch (5:36)

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