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Konichiwa Records

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"Honey" is the eighth studio album by Swedish singer Robyn, and her first since "Body Talk". The Guardian's second best album of the year (2018) as well as receiving a Grammy nomination in her home country Sweden.

Contains lead single, "Missing U" as well as "Honey" which was featured in the acclaimed HBO series 'Girls'.

Anyone needing a softer and more delicate touch to the multifaceted strains of pop music need search no longer! Robyn's velvet soft sound beds pump with a natural sway, the simple kick drum permeating through layers of side-chained synth work to reveal a angelic simplicity to her songwriting and composition. Enchanted and evocative throughout, Robyn's lost none of that late night sheen and unfathomable glamour.


1.Missing U 
2. Human Being
3. Because It's In The Music
4. Baby Forgive Me
5. Send To Robin Immediately
6. Honey
7. Between The Lines
8. Beach2k20
9. Ever Again

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