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'The spiritual successor to "The Gospel According To Budgie" mixtapes and "The Good Book" albums with Alchemist. "Holy Ghost Zone" picks up right where they left blending 90's gospel with a 2018 bounce.'

Yep, you guessed it, Budgie's back! A smorgasbord of pseudo-vintage neo-soul with that all important boom-bap and characterized by sped up soul samples creating that 'rushing chipmunk' sound that's slowly becoming more popular. It's morphed and mangled outlook should appeal to fans of Bibio and Bullion while it's freshly polished rendition of classic MPC work will keep the studio geeks twitching out. Celebratory rather than introspective and dull - this is a gloriously fun and enjoyable album to stick on the player at home whilst yer enjoying your festive hols - get involved! 


Martin says: Been really enjoying the relaxed yet super interesting sounds showcased on this album. It's not always about the dancefloor! Head nodding goodness for whiling away the daytime and evening.


01. Lead Me
02. Depend On U
03. Sometimes
04. Never Alone
05. Want 2 Love U
06. Who U Were
07. 4 Your Service
08. Brand New Day
09. Wave My Hand
10. Every Day
11. Coming Soon Tied Up
12. Joy
13. Truly Say
14. Feed Me
15. Higher

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