Heinrich Dressel

Lost In The Woodland

Image of Heinrich Dressel - Lost In The Woodland
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Bordello A Parigi

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Few producers can capture atmospheres and moods like Heinrich Dressel. The Minimal Rome boss left jaws on the floor with his first appearance on Bordello A Parigi, "The House of the Rising Synth", demonstrating the breadth of this Italian musician’s sound. Now Dressel returns, this time with a full eight tracks for "Lost in the Woodland". In this analogue forest anything is possible. From the whimsical resonance of the title piece, a sonic pathway through a verdant soundscape is laid. Gentle melodies caress and embrace before the road bends into shadows filled with dramatic twists and unseen dangers. Romantic moments are juxtaposed by triumphal chords and daring drums signalling immediate panic or outright victory. This is a woodland of divergent emotions, one where sounds give way to feelings and where Heinrich Dressel is the piper leading his followers through what can only be described as an unforgettable journey.


Barry says: Much like ambient dub pioneer Biosphere, Dressel excels at crafting an atmosphere which is both alarming and alluring. Through the snappy synth envelopes and progressive twists and turns, 'Lost In The Woodland' moulds a visceral world of light and dark, the central and contrasting twisting around each other and presenting themselves in bursts of static joy and shadowy glimmers of malaise. A stunning work of narrative beauty.


A1. Lost In The Woodland
A2. Beech Tales (Part 1 & 2)
A3. S.A.E.P Research Institute
A4. Brutal Drama
B1. Red Maple
B2. Sown
B3. Iris Marsica Treatment
B4. Bryopsida (The Way Out)

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