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So, somewhere during the last ten years of perma-recession, around the time Trump got elected, we went full Brexit and whole "war on terror" imploded, shit got dark. So here's Afrobot cutting up four wavy 80s tracks perfect for the global gloom which envelops us all. On the A1 we get Ensemble Pittoresque's sleazy minimal wave banger "My Baby", originally recorded in The Hague in '84 and now trippled in duration. Post punk bass, new wave drum machines, acid squelch and rabid animal sounds collide with the growling vocal, fully freaking the dark wired dancefloor. Next up, "DN Goes To NY" hits us with a heavyweight punkish B-line, echo drenched vocals and distorto-guitar, all wrapped into an electronic framework of nagging sequencer and tough drum machine. One for metal dancers and the Shriekback fans. Skip to the flip and find yourself immersed in the gothic glitter of 80s UK, first with the mash up madness of "Inhale" and the slow pound of "Empty Words". "Inhale" sees Afrobot fuse a 7" B-side with a deranged and druggy wrong speeder, serving us glistening synth loops, brooding bass and cinematic textures - play this one with your favourite Ministry and Sisters of Mercy jam. Last but not least "Empty Words" twists and turns through queasy tonality, tumbling drum programming and trippy keyboard lines before a big, snipped chorus enters the arena and causes an eruption of art school poses.


Patrick says: My favourite AM offering to date sees Afrobot fully embrace the dark wired sound, twisting strange synth cuts, post punk electronics and techno-tribalism into an excellent edit 12".


A1. Ensemble Pittoresque - My Baby
A2. DN Goes To NY
B1. Inhale
B2. Empty Words

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