A New To Bloodmoon

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Mule Musiq

About this item

Alan Bodycode invited his favorite female singer Niqe into the studio to produce two classy, ear-catching electronic house tracks with strong vocal focus.

"Moving On" is an unusual beast that'll instantly prick the ears of the more extraverted. It's a playful, sexualized palette, with yearning vocal part from Nige paired with a kinda electrohouse groove that's both sleazy and fun.

"The Way" deploys those patented Mule beats -
heavily compressed digital percussion and rib-shaking kicks. Add a few staccato synth stabs and a warm pad glow and you've got that slice of late night tribal house that you know's gonna smash the dancefloor. Nige leaves it a little longer for her vocal to grace the track; adding to the sublime and hypnotic nature of this late night jam. Top drawer stuff as always from Mule. 


1 Moving On Feat. Niqe
2 The Way Feat. Niqe

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