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Based in Flint, Michigan, USA, the four young sons of an electrician welded together their debut album. This album, titled "Elektroworld", is a personal tribute to the well known pioneers of the electro-disco-beat; Kraftwerk. A rarity amongst the electro scene, as well as a masterpiece in DIY electronix, Clone Classic Cuts reissue the illustrious album from 1995 - the only one the band ever completed!

The bar is set high as "Future Tone" opens with skilled sound design as well as a solid grasp of the aesthetic. "Perpetual Motion" sets off the Drexciya alarms straight away as fizzing oscillators drift in and out of time and tune with a rigid, mechanized beat. "Japanese Electronix" sees the first forays into more electro-pop sensibilities, nodding to their German pioneers as they vocoder a tasty hook alongside the gliding electofunk backing. "Check Mate" combines more classic degraded synthesizers with inventive drum programming that hints at were footwork and juke would take these blueprints in coming years....

Look we're not even half way through yet at it's pure power 100%. One of the high watermarks of the electro genre and an absolutely imperative LP for hardware heads. You'll only get one chance at this one folks! Don't miss out.... 


Matt says: Phwoooar! Certain to cause a twitch in the trouser pocket of the more geeky and technologically minded gentlemen. First time reissue of this seminal but oft-overlooked electro masterpiece.


1. Future Tone (2:00)
2. Perpetual Motion (2:00)
3. Japanese Elecktronics (2:00)
4. Check Mate (2:00)
5. Mystery World (2:00)
6. Silicon Valley (2:00)
7. Midnight Drive (2:00)
8. Thermo Science (2:00)
9. Stun Gun (2:00)
10. Floatation (2:00)
11. Time Tunnel (2:00)

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