Drugs EP

Image of Fjaak - Drugs EP
Record Label
Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten Berlin

About this item

Fjaak graces Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten with a trifecta of hits from their expanding catalogue.

"Drugs" has the brilliant insanity of early hardcore hits that'd openly advocate explicit drug taking. Over a militant techno beat Fjaak places the vocal loop 'drugs' and lets it repeat over and over again. Genius.

"Quilmes" buzzes with a kind of uncontrollable voltage as circuits fry under excessive force and strain. An almost gabba-like kick drum underpinning the chaos as a whole manner of synth lines fizz and burst around the stereo field.

"3XL" sees a nassteee ass palette of sounds attempt to tear us a new one under growling sawtooths, hyped up rave vox and a demolished breakbeat. Mega!



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