Repetentes 2008

Vasos De Banha

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The new release of the mysterious label Lama, comes from Repetentes 2008, the alias of Brazilian producer Gabriel Guerra. Two beautifully kaleidoscopic tracks where you can hear the influence of 1980s video game soundtracks, Brazilian jazz-fusion, electronic pop and new age Japanese ambient music played at the wrong speed. Beautiful silkscreened artwork by Portuguese street artist Rudolfo. Limited to 200 copies.


Matt says: Repetentes 2008 return after that brain fizzing EP on Future Times last year. The formula hasn't changed but they're still out there completely on their own - sounding like if James Ferraro and Stanley Clark collaborated on a new Donkey Kong soundtrack whilst on holiday in the tropics. Yes!


1. Moreirinha Sai Saindo (4:50)
2. Veja Os Fantasminhas (5:17)

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