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High Jazz

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High Jazz launched last year with a ace reissue of Ambiance's legendary fusion masterpiece "(Gida Gida) Tight & Tidy", now the label continue their journey through the group's discography with a timely reissue of debut LP "Ebun". Led by Nigerian born saxophonist, flutist, and clarinettist Daoud Abubakar Balewa, the Californian group fused elements of spiritual jazz, funk, soul, Afro and Latin into an intoxicating brew, packed with melody, movement and chiefly groove. Impossible to find in its original private pressing, this faultless LP is finally available again, fully licensed and remastered, with original artwork.


Patrick says: High Jazz continue to treat us like royalty with their superb reissues, returning to the cultly adored West Coast fusion group Ambiance and their impossible to find debut. Dynamic, harmonious and expressionistic, this is A-grade jazz-funk on a spiritual tip.


1. Bossa Moniife
2. After June
3. Camouflage
4. O.F.C.
5. Ebun
6. Turnaround
7. Untitled Original
8. Last Tango 

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