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While the Beats brand has kept Dre's name on everyone's lips (even without "Detox" dropping) it kinda felt like everyone forgot about Em. Years of opioid addiction and average records had sullied Slim's reputation, and a whole new generation of rappers hads emerged and taken the limelight away from the 8 Mile Road. Then Machine Gun Kelly did us all a favour, performing the public harikiri of taking shots at Marshall Matthers. Predictibly, Eminem absolutely fucking bodied him...twice, waking from his slumber and coming correct with his hardest bars in over a decade. The endless multisyllabic, tongue twisting rhyme schemes were back, sounding as vital as ever over a slew of bass heavy, rim rattling beats. Back in beast mode, Eminem kills it on "Kamikaze" - be warned. 


Patrick says: Though he may have a man-bun and a track record for terrible records, Machine Gun Kelly will go down in history for one achievement - waking Eminem from his decade long slumber and prompting the brutal brilliance of "Kamikaze". Eminem was always at his best when he was pissed off, and he's fully fuming here - his best release in years.


A1. The Ringer
A2. Greatest
A3. Lucky You (feat Joyner Lucas)
A4. Paul (skit)
A5. Normal
A6. Em Calls Paul (skit)
A7. Stepping Stone
B1. Not Alike (feat Royce Da 5'9)
B2. Kamikaze
B3. Fall
B4. Nice Guy (feat Jessie Reyez)
B5. Good Guy (feat Jessie Reyez)
B6. Venom (music From The Motion Picture)

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