Levon Vincent

The Synthesizer Cake EP

Image of Levon Vincent - The Synthesizer Cake EP
Record Label
Novel Sound

About this item

I'm not quite sure where Levon calls home at the moment - whether its Berlin or New Jersey - but I do know he's at once the most artically creative moments in his already enduring career. His labour of love, Novel Sound, has always been home to his highly engineered dancefloor specialities, and the 24th release doesn't fuck with program just yet...

A1 is punishing Vincention techno. Thick with electrostatic crackle and a forebodding air of tension; big, speaker busting bass growls rise to the surface under suspended strings and helicopter blade. Non linear, cranium spliiting ingenuity by one of the masters!

B2 should be familiar to fans of his repetoire. Heady dub-techno shards echoing through a vacuum packed mix that nods to Chain Reaction and Deepchord but stands out as Levon's own patented brand of high grade dub-techno.

B3 concludes with enchanted 'chime' keyboard presets painting a celestial and redolent sonic picture over repeating hat patterns and gated electro bass. Thoroughly magical, thoroughly Levon. As usual, absolutely mega stuff from this darling of electronic music. Limited copies - move quick!  

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