Andre Bratten

Lim / Recreation 26B

Image of Andre Bratten - Lim / Recreation 26B
Record Label
Smalltown Supersound

About this item

Smalltown Supersound drop the first of three 12"s by esteemed producer Andre Bratten. "Lim" is a very techy growler, given a fresh outlook through an ingenious beat and advanced synthesis. "Recreation 26B" hits the nitros, thrusting up to 140BPM like it ain't no ting and deploying some rattling 909 snares and gliding metallic washes. Expertly produced and providing more energy than much of the UK's off-shore wind farms.

Officially NO represses on this series guys n girls, so get ya skates on if you want in on the action!


Side A
Side B
Recreation 26B

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