Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska

Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska

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Cardinal Fuzz

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Strap yourself in and get ready for Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska. Somewhere between The Cosmic Dead flying and The Myrrors High Evolutionary Transcendance - Snakes Don't belong In Alaska have it in fucking spades my friends and as an introduction to them Cardinal Fuzz have packed 2 of their releases pressed onto vinyl and packed as a double LP - Mountain Rituals and Ancient Alien Temple Ritual.

Newcastle collective Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska have been slowly but steadily making a name for themselves on the UK psych circuit, hosting numerous international touring acts and putting out some radical self-released (and highly limited) recordings under their own Infinity Mirror imprint. This however is the band's first widely available release - an absolutely monumental tome of heavy, droning kosmische freakout that blows away all preconceived ideas of what this group is capable of. Drawing on an aural temple map leading straight from Ash Ra to Acid Mothers, "Mountain Rituals" climbs from a deep earth drone into the sort of mind-warping guitar bliss that will leave you scrambling for the repeat button over and over again.

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