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Dutch sonic experimentalists 35007's eponymous sophomore album (later referred to, more often than not, as Into the Void We Travelled) did much to fine-tune and expand the breadth of the group's style: a clever mix of analog and electronic effects and psych, stoner, and Krautrock influences. Opening statement "Herd" cleverly dissects society's disdain for individuality atop a hypnotic motorik framework spiced with electronics, while subsequent standouts like "Soul Machine," "Big Bore" (which is anything but), and the supremely danceable "Powertruth" bolster guitar riffing to stoner rock thresholds. All of these benefit from Eeuwout Baart's gritty, soulful vocals, which often bring Dave Wyndorf to mind and thus make "Monster Magnet tripping at a rave" a very apt description for the proceedings. ….Instead, the album's remaining highlights include the organ-laden "66" and the semi-epic "Undo," which, along with the closing ten-minute instrumental "Locker," bask in swirling, spacy synth effects for an ambient landscaping effect that would duly come to fruition on 35007's best-known opus, Liquid, some years later. ….

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