Laughing Hyenas

Hard Times + Crawl / Covers

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Third Man

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Hyenas went down to Memphis to the legendary Easley Studios to record their final LP with the one and only Doug Easley. On Hard Times, we see the Hyenas influences are more Howlin’ Wolf/Muddy Waters than they are Nick Cave/Iggy Pop. Every bit as emotionally ruthless as their previous releases, the Laughing Hyenas went out on a high note with Hard Times.

2 years after releasing Life of Crime, Kevin Strickland and Jim Kimball had left to form Mule. Many people thought this marked the end of the band; not the case. Todd Swalla (of Necros) stepped in on drums and Kevin Ries on bass. Over the new slightly toned down direction, the sound of the band somehow seemed even more extreme.


A1. Just Can't Win
A2. Hard Time Blues
A3. You?re So Cruel
A4. Stay
B1. Slump
B2. Home Of The Blues
B3. Each Dawn I Die
B4. Shine
C1. Crawl
C2. Living In Darkness
C3. Walk
C4. Girl
D1. Solid Gold Hell (Scientists)
D2. I Want You Right Now (MC5)
D3. Under My Thumb (Rolling Stones)
D4. Serves Me Right To Suffer (John Lee Hooker)

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