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Whities keep up their unrelenting release schedule with a new record from Overmono. Three tracks of varying styles, all showcasing an impressive dexterity with melody, texture, rhythm and emotion. Mangled live drum breaks characterize opener "iii's Front", while squashed tape artifacts and vacuum beats provide an alien backdrop for "Quadraluv"'s lullaby piano passages. "Yell0w_Tail" sees Morse code bleeps and a 'Window Licker'-rhythm taken further towards somnolence via dreamy keyboard sequences and elevating arps.

The record comes in a sticker-fastened sleeve, featuring notes that nod to Overmono's early introduction to rave in the Welsh countryside (!!!).

Mastered and cut by Beau Thomas
Art direction by Alex McCullough
Sleeve design by Alex McCullough and Kia Tasbihgou.


Matt says: 'Nuther week, 'nuther Whities with 'nuff upfront club bizniz emanating from this crucial camp of late... check!


1. Iii's Front
2. Quadraluv
3. Yell0w_Tail 

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