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The Corn Mother

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State51 are pleased to welcome the very interesting label/publisher A Year In The Country to our fold this autumn. Based in the UK, and with an outlook very much 'of' this land, they explore similar territory to your hauntological faves but with an additional hand-spun folkiness which ups the off-kilter feel. Think The Wicker Man re-make but actually good, or indeed the soundtrack to a relatively modern imaginary film called The Corn Mother which revolved around the folklore of the “corn mother” – where the last row of the corn harvest is beaten to the ground by the reapers as they shout “THERE SHE IS! KNOCK HER INTO THE GROUND, DON'T LET HER GET AWAY!”, in an attempt to drive the spirit of the corn mother back into the earth for next year’s sowing. Yes, that.


1. Gavino Morretti - Ritual And Unearthly Fire
2. Pulselovers - Beat Her Down
3.The Heartwood Institute - Corn Dolly
4. United Bible Studies - The Last Sheaf On The Braes
5. A Year In The Country - The Night Harvest
6. Depatterning - The Keeper's Dilemma
7. Widow's Weeds - The Corn Mother
8. Sproatly Smith - Caught In The Coppice
9. Field Lines Cartographer - Procession At Dusk

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