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Lobster Theramin

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Bakground follows up his humungous release for E-Beamz and RSD with a back-to-the-raw jungle, DnB and bassline white label on Lobster.

Having honed a early 90's breakbeat infused sound that gives a heavy nod to London and the Good Lookin' sound, this handstamped five-tracker explores his scintillating sound pallet, cycling through scuffed & muffled jungle, heavy-chopped drum 'n' bass and womping bassline-garage-house.

Seriously sub-heavy club weapons incoming!


Sil says: Straight to the jugular 90s jungle is the name of the game. No bull. Just that. Ravey and punchy with tons of adrenaline ready to invade the whole club. Total devastation without being nonsensical. Are you ready for this? Are you really? Then get a copy pronto!


1. Forgotten (5:14)
2. Remember Dis (5:43)
3. Clubjammerz (5:02)
4. Lemon (3:49)
5. Phasez (4:25)

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