Hidden Spheres

This Is 4U

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Lobster UNDR

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New lobster sublabel for dark, moody, nostalgic vibes and essential club material. Straight outta Manc in '91! Well known by now Hidden Spheres channeling that northern rave euphoria for the his most epic release yet. From heady early 90's Manchester rave to Dungeons & Dragons electro and deep percussion heavy twisters. Heavy productions & weighty goods as you are well accustomed from this man. 

This is playful, melodic and full of intricate passages. Every release gets better and better proving that record label promiscuity and being prolific does not equate being medicocre! The hard to find spheres are proving the opposite. 

Pantone printed centres in a discobag with hologram 'UNDR' sticker. Go grip! 


Sil says: It is hard to get a four tracker in which all the cuts are acceptable, let alone good. Happy to say the hard to find Spheres have produced a well rounded ep in which ALL the cuts are shining and definitely shaking my old hips. A cut above the rest. Keep it coming, sir!


1. This Is 4U (7:50)
2. McKenna's Mind (5:46)
3. Lazer Beam (2:58)
4. Talking Headz (4:43)

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