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Hot Sauce

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Straight to 6th gear on this disco edits top notch belter. Fast paced and loaded with real noisy string arrangement and a very infectious bass. Did I tell you about the drum break? An absolute sweaty bomb. Hot Sauce has simply chopped out the worst bit of this disco hit (which I have no clue about it) and gave us a real tool for the always discerning DJ or dancer. 

On the flip you have a monster funk number with a gorgeous vocal male who will totally make you change the way you see the world and maybe even change it! Those keys are the real deal here and of course the mandatory string arrangement. Very uplifting and very much needed in this uncertain times. 

Two slices of dancefloor bliss that are vinyl only. You need this! 


Sil says: Brutally exquisite dancefloor friendly disco and funk edits. One per side on glorious 45rpm. Vinyl only and limited. Read my crazy review above so you know what you are dealing with.


River Drive (Hot Sauce Edit) (7:11)
Street Man (Hot Sauce Edit) (7:29)

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