Orange Islands

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Distant Hawaii

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Distant Hawaii continues to aurally thaw the oncoming Pacific cold front with a quartet of foot-toasting, skin toning summer house shufflers courtesy of Hardmatter label-head and London resident JVXTA.

Having honed his valve-warmed + dusty samplin' production chops with a self-released split on Hardmatter, a low-key cassette for Swamp Tapes and a more recent package of burners for the NYC-based imprint Homage. This time it's a step on Lobster sub Distant Hawaii with four soulful slices of summer house moods and grooves carefully crafted and chopped into a seasoned and well rounded whole.

"SS Anne" brings the crunchy house and edits-y vibes to the fore with an extended workout, interjecting with moments of vocal flourishes and a more up-beat almost disco vibe. On the same side is the title track stomper "Orange Islands", interspersed with showers of melodic richness, slowly pouring from a crack in the rocks upon high. A tender and slow stream of soulful synth-work and cascading dreams.

"Dive Theme" matches the mood from whence it's names. Pure Detroit chords and staggered, Chi-house-boogie drumwork puckering the textural framework. Trance-like ethereal patterns to envelope the mind and body.

Tidying things up with a ground-floor, deep-seated low-groover is "Angelo's Alley". A beach scene recording sits behind a lolloping, humped bass-kick program with touches of choral Juno embellishing throughout, and an honest and revealing spoken-word lull recalling the reflective power of Mylo's seminal Sunworshipper.


Sil says: This should be our record of the week on the house section. There is class and deepness all over the four tracks. Gorgeous samples too. Another Hawaii is possible! They are all mega. Dancefloor artillery on A side and a more relaxed perspective on electronica on B side. Outstanding track for me goes for 'Angelos Alley'. Brutally gorgeous and exquisitely sensuous.


1. SS Anne (8:19)
2. Orange Islands (5:46)
3. Dive Theme (7:27)
4. Angelo's Alley (6:39)

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