Alone In The Woods

Alone In The Woods

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Record Label
Burning Witches

About this item

Jon Dobyns and Lonn Bologna make up Alone in the Woods. Their instrumental debut features downtempo beats, ambient production and takes cues from orchestral music as well as hip hop. Alone in the Woods capture a unique sound that only a multitude of influences blended can produce. Warm 80’s synth tones are melded with modern day techniques and experimentation that Depeche Mode and Bjork would be proud of.

Instant classics like “Digging Holes” and “Ripples” push the listener into the stratosphere and then you are pulled back by the intimacy of tracks such as “woods funeral” and “New roots, old growth” which will fully absorb you into the woods...


Barry says: This couldn't be any more up my street if it was designed specifically around the concept of fitting my street. Shimmering synths, weirdo drum machines, modern classical flourishes and on my favourite label of the moment. Properly beautiful stuff. This will sell out in a heartbeat.


1. Intro The Woods
2. Ripples
3. Bird Traps
4. Torn In The Tundra
5. Mother Of Deers
6. Woods Funeral
7. Digging Holes
8. Red Vein
9. Pathless
10. New Roots Old Growth

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