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Written between 2011 and 2015 and released as a string of 12"s on Other People, R&S and Clown and Sunset, the “Nymphs" series is now compiled onto one vinyl release for the first time!

The set opens in typically cryptic fasion via the melodic and moody "Don't Break My Love", an abstract Aphex influenced voyage into measured electronica and the skittish, glitching synth soul of "Why Didn't You Save Me". Next up, "The Three Sides Of Audrey" drifts through static soaked ambience and delicate vocal loops, teasing us for eternity before a suitably sensual rhythm takes control. B2's "No One Is Looking At You " sees Nico playing with the same sound palette and production style, though set to a deep and immersive 4/4 - textured and sophisticated, this is emotional house at its finest. The kick drum sticks around on the similarly deep and dreamy "Swim", a thirteen minute voyage into the beating heart of the dancefloor. Irresistible and unpredictable melodies hook into your Limbic brain, forcing their way through the film of granular noise and taking you higher and higher! The avant garde piano undulations of "Mistress" offer a moment's repose on the "D1" before previous R&S single "Fight" finds an off kilter synth pop rhythm then gradually disintegrates over seven minutes. As we near the finish line, there's still time to enjoy the minimal wiggles and fx abuse of "Revolver", previously a hidden track on the "Nymphs III" 12" and the evocative downbeat of "Took Me Out", a quintessential Jaar composition.


A1. Don’t Break My Love (Providence, 2011)
A2. Why Didn’t You Save Me (Providence, 2011)
B1. The Three Sides Of Audrey (NY, 2014)
B2. No One Is Looking At U (NY, 2014)
C1. Swim (Hvar, 2013)
D1. Mistress (NY, 2013)
D2. Fight (NY, 2015)
E1. Revolver (Providence, 2011)
E2. Took Me Out (Providence, 2012)
F1. Track 10

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