Red Pig Flower & Thought Crime

Thought Crime (Inc. Wareika Remix)

Image of Red Pig Flower & Thought Crime - Thought Crime (Inc. Wareika Remix)
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Sound Of Vast

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Kicking proceedings on A Side is the almighty ‘Thought Crime’ which opens the package with murky atmospheric textures, skippy hat patterns and shuffled organic drums grooves driving the composition before the focal stages see the introduction of eerie piano chords, spoken word vocal samples and acid tinged bass which ebbs and flows within the depths. ‘No Fear’ follows next, laying focus on a bumpy drum groove, modulating synth swells, ethereal tension building pads and a snaking sub bass groove to create a dynamically unfolding, hypnotic cut.

Ravingly good Perlon’s Wareika step up to rework ‘Thought Crime’ which opens the flipside, as always from this trio shining light on chuggy bass grooves and jazz tinged ever-unfolding drums whilst stirring in the original’s eerie voices and choppy pianos to create a frenzied, dynamic feel throughout. On B2, ‘Since 1984’ is next to round out the release, an interlude of sorts featuring a bubbling arpeggio, dreamy piano melodies and an amalgamation of swirling, dubbed out echoes spiralling amongst muted kicks. 

Folks, do not let this beauty pass you by. 


Sil says: Ravingly good and effective minimal house. There are aplenty of these so called minimal cum house records. Few are worth your time. This is one of them and cements Red Pig Flower among the most promising producers out there. Cheerio.


1. Thought Crime
2. No Fear
3. Thought Crime (Wareika Remix)
4. Since 1984 

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