Greg Beato

Dade EP

Image of Greg Beato - Dade EP
Record Label
Ni Un Pero

About this item

5 Track EP from Miami's Greg Beato (L.I.E.S., Apron, Russian Torrent Versions). Really dope and varied stuff on here. Big TIP! The artist says 'Heavy bass sounds ready for the subs in your car (if you have 'em), the club, or your name brand headphones. You decide!'

It's not just subs though, Beato's circuit fried drums snap, crackle and pop as per, while it's menacing, metallic washes slowly converge on the tracks like a growling industrial malice.

Mega stuff from this maverick producer - recommended! 


1. Tres
2. Cero
3. Cinco
4. Hasta
5. El Fin

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