Free Level

Blue Grass EP

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Into The Light

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In an era of excellent archival imprints, Into The Light make a pretty solid claim for the crown, and their newest EP more than lives up to its predecessors. The "Blue Grass" EP contains four super rare recordings of a phantom Greek musical-duo called ‘Free Level’ which was formed in Athens, Greece between 1983 and 1984. The musicians behind this project were composer and keyboardist George Theodorakis and ex-Sharp Ties’ guitarist and founding member Petros Skoutaris - both young veterans of the Athens music scene in the late 70’s/late 80’s. Now Into The Light select four utterly spellbinding highlights of this totally unheard material. More specifically, the EP offers two expansive instrumental epics and two highly personal songs which all share the same syncretic blend of European and Southeastern nuance. Swaying rhythms, obscure but hilarious lyrics, pitched up Jean-Luc Ponty influenced bass-lines and proto-dreampop experiments by one of Athens' most promising but short collaborations from the early 80's. Immerse yourself! 


Patrick says: Shame on you! You failed to pre-order one of the finest records you'll ever hear. Into The Light let loose with some previously unheard material from George Theodorakis and Petros Skoutaris, which boasts a pair of coastal, post prog epics for Balearic dancers (Blue Grass 1 & 3) and two lush dreampop ballads for indie dreamers like our own Andy McQueen. You've got about 45 seconds before we run out, so get on it sharpish.


1. Blue Grass 1
2. Little Fox
3. Blue Grass 3
4. Sun 

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