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Returning to a brief but very fruitful period in electronic music production, Shelved Recordings exists to look back to the golden age of the remix, with a clear view of the future it imagined.

Artists who were steered towards maverick producers, with a view to changing the rules, to re-defining the terms of what modern music should and could be.
Pioneering techniques, over-dubs and an exploratory period of pop production, resulted in many lost dub versions and mixes. Mixes, which invariably were left on the shelf, deemed too 'out there' by the bosses of the the hedonistic label managers who commissioned them.

Shelved will present a series of limited double 12" releases comprised of carefully reconstructed and rebuilt lost classics from someone who was there the first time around !

One limited vinyl press only


A. Can You Hear It ?
B1. Flight
B2. Driven
C. Unlimited Love
D. Magic

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