Black Moon

I Got Cha Opin (Remix)

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Wreck Records

About this item

Blessed be those MFs in reissue land - not only do we get a reissue of ace OG "I Got Cha Opin", but we also get a f-f-f-fresh reissue of the LEGENDARY remix - haevy jams for all the 90s rap fiends out there! That's correct, you all know the video, right? If you were glued to MTV, BET, The Box or any other similar platform in and around late 1993 then you know you definitely got open to this one. Yet again, Da Beatminerz come with that unbridled heat, flipping that (shhh...) sample to maximum effect, people are still sweating tape king Evil Dee 'the number 1 deejay' over this jam. You need this basically. Absolutely timeless sh*t right here, dirty version on the A, instrumental on the flip.


Patrick says: Flippin the script on the OG, Da Beatminerz came through with a sublime soul sample, subtle drums and slick bass, twisting the track into the smoothest slice of late Daisy age cool.


A. I Got Cha Opin Vocal Mix (Remix)
B. I Got Cha Opin Instrumental (Remix)

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