Love Said (Let's Go) - Inc. Ashley Beedle & Flying Mojito Brothers Remixes

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77:78, the new project from Aaron Fletcher & Tim Parkin, card-carrying members of the musical kaleidoscope that is The Bees, are releasing two genius Ashley Beedle remixes of "Love Said (Let’s Go)", the latest track to be taken from their debut album, "Jellies", which was released on Heavenly Recordings back in the Summer. Beedle avoids routine repetition by adopting a retrotastic, almost vintage psychedlia vibe on his version, a million miles away from his typical house re-rubs that characterized his early career. A tidy breakbeat powers the funk, whilst reverb-heavy vox, Wurlitzer and fuzz guitar provide a variety of melodic inflections - top stuff! As well as an instrumental of said remix, the flip of the 12" contains the original version by 77:78 - slower paced with slightly more delicate instrumentation and arrangement but still hitting that sunshine psyche vibe perfectly.

Also included is a modern electronic dance remix of "Chilli" by The Flying Mojito Brothers. Propelling the track with a loose n baggy house beat, the instrumental palette is flipped to contain a variety of new elements, with just the original vocal remaining intact. It's still tastefully done though, with funky keyboards and bass working beautifully together while the fx sweeps and added perc give it a new found flamboyancy. It's bound to find favour with beach n boat parties when the weather warms up a bit!


1. Love Said (Let's Go) (Ashle Beedle's North Street Vocal)
2. Love Said (Let's Go) (Ashle Beedle's North Street Instrumentall)
3. Love Said (Let's Go) (Original)
4. Chilli (Flying Mojito Bros Refrito) (Extended)

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