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Would You Believe In Me / Kuenda

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Part two of the official remastered, reissue of Jon Lucien’s ‘Rashida’ e.p. see’s ‘Would You Believe In Me’ and ‘Kuenda’ lovingly housed together on either side of a dinked 7 inch record. ‘Would You Believe In Me’ is a top down, soulful cruiser, bringing a slice of jazzed up funk gold to the fore. As smooth as silk, Lucien’s dulcet tones leave you in awe - a voice destined to bring joy to souls the world over, it oozes charm, passion and elegance from beginning to end. On the B side, ‘Kuenda’ washes away any worries that the day-to-day mind might have conjured up, with the soft sounds of the sea leading into a beautiful layered vocal performance by Lucien, perfectly accompanied by a solo plucked Spanish guitar.
It’s an alluring example of the Brazilian aesthetic Lucien would carry through his Rashida album and provides an apt ender for this two-part reissue.


A1. Would You Believe In Me
B1. Kuenda

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