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Yak presents his first solo EP on Martyn's 3024 imprint. Three, intricate, dazzling excursions into half-time, d'n'b and garage all presented with a hi-gloss finish and resplendent in colour, texture and style.

"Rhodes Island" is the vibey d'n'b number that sneaks in under a cloak of mystery perc hits and glowing pads, and its only when the pitched up breaks drop you realize you're actually about to explode into a 160bpm roller! Inventive edits and beat trickery reminding us of the legacies of Nucleus and Paradox while still sounding extremely 2018. "Don Greno" is a tight, taut, skeletal take on UKF / UKG with Yak's tropical percussion hits a fixture throughout the EP. This one's been killing it on dublate for Rinse FM through it's impressive sound design and awe-inspiring arrangement - 100% fire! "Ocean Floor" is a more freeform, dubbed out drum groove perfect for those late night / early morning vibrations and will work excellently as a percussive DJ tool to get wild with in-tha-mix. Massive vibes on this one players! 


Matt says: Multi-flavoured new school vibes here. From the explosive roller of "Rhodes Island" to the neo-tropical UKF of "Don Greno" and finishing with digi-dub hybrid "Ocean Floor". Amazing!


1 Rhodes Island
2 Don Greno
3 Ocean Floor

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