Nights Out - 10th Anniversary Edition

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As Metronomy work on their forthcoming sixth album, they take a moment to reflect on the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough album ‘Nights Out’. Metronomy’s Joseph Mount has delved into the archives for ‘Nights Out: 10th Anniversary Edition’ which will be released on Because Music.

It features the original critically acclaimed album alongside a second LP which expands upon Mount’s vision with a set of unreleased demos, rarities and b-sides - many of which make their first appearance on vinyl. Two of the highlights come with alternative versions which have become staples of the Metronomy live set: a bedtime dub version of ‘Holiday’ which takes it into a darker, glitchier direction, and a French-language version of ‘Heartbreaker’.

Mount’s Francophile leanings are also explored in Breakbot’s remix of ‘A Thing For Me’, which contrasts French touch vibes with Mount’s distinctly English-accented vocals. Previously issued on an exclusive Rough Trade bonus disc, ‘Over’ is an instrumental of cinematic scale, while the disc closes with four previously unreleased demos including the leftfield minimalism of ‘Das Booty’.

Although Metronomy’s 2006’s debut album ‘Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe)’ was discovered by those in the know, it was ‘Nights Out’ that captured the imagination of a much wider audience. Mount achieved the seemingly impossible: he highlighted both the joyous atmosphere of a big night out and a taste of the resultant comedown in a set that playfully veered towards being a concept album.

About Nights Out Joseph Mount says: “Oscar reminded me the other day how I said to him on completing Radio Ladio ‘I think I’ve just written my first number 1’. I hadn’t. We also reminisced about the day we borrowed the Honda Insight for the album artwork: I found the owner on an enthusiast chat room, we gave his daughter two Kate Nash tickets and a meet and greet with Kate in exchange for a few shots with the vehicle… simpler times. Shout out to Myspace.”


Side A
A1. Nights Out
A2. The End Of You Too
A3. Radio Ladio
A4. My Heart Rate Rapid
A5. Heartbreaker
A6. On The Motorway

Side B
B1. Side 2
B2. Holiday
B3. A Thing For Me
B4. Back On The Motorway
B5. On Dancefloors
B6. Nights Outro

Side C
C1. Our Raid
C2. Lets Have A Party
C3. The Chase
C4. Holiday (Bedtime Dub)
C5. Please Me
C6. Over

Side D
D1. Matthias Gathering
D2. Heartbreaker (French Version)
D3. A Thing For Me (Breakbot Remix)
D4. Intro Thing (Demo)
D5. Young Americans (Demo)
D6. Output (Demo)
D7. Das Booty (Demo) 

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