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Paul Institute

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For the uninitiated (which included me until about 7 minutes ago), Paul Institute is the boutique label, cultural hub and sonic exchange run by synth soul genius Jai Paul, who we all know from his mega smash "Jasmine". Intent on causing a counter frenzy, Jai (or Paul) has dropped not one...not two...not three, but FOUR new label release AT THE SAME MF TIME! Wayward newcomer Reinen cordially invites you to revel in a ballroom time trap, with the bombastic head spinner "Masquerade". A trigonal tale inspired by Red Curtain Cinema & Gothic Romance; Reinen sways and bends the boundaries of theatre, fantasia and soundscape in a combustible marriage of baroque synths, electric operatics and pulsating groove. A unique alliance with shapeshifter A. K. Paul dares to immerse and paint scenes of worlds uncharted.
File next to: Annie Lennox, Tears for Fears, Grace Jones, Kate Bush


A. Masquerade
B. Masquerade (Instrumental) 

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