Sucker MC's

Image of Run DMC - Sucker MC'sImage of Run DMC - Sucker MC's
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Lil Static

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Yo yo yo. Sucker Mc's was the B side to the first ever Run DMC single, 'It's Like That' released on Profile records in ninety eighty muthf***** three.
Ignoring their disco sampling, fancy dress wearing predecessors, Run DMC, looked and sounded exactly like their audience, dressing 'down' in Adidas tracksuits and keeping their sparse beats pared back to their brutal essentials.
You could say that in this respect they had more in common with the British punk scene of 1976 in that they made normal people think, hey! I could do that and boy did they...


David says: What is there left to say about this epic jam that hasn't been said better by better people than me? Hip Hop doesn't come any better than this, people...


Sucker Mc's (Rap Version)
Sucker Mc's (Instrumental Version)

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