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Extinction 6

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New label – “New Info” kicks off with a beguiling ambient LP from multi disciplinary artist Orlando FitzGerald. An ethereal exploration of waste, greed and ultimately the failures of our society.
At times jarring and uneasy, the record is interspersed with sublime moments of clarity that give the disorientated listener just the occasional flash of optimism in the face of ecological disaster, all the while the artists voice occasionally appearing to guide the listener gently through this post-apocalyptic audio wasteland.

Describing his own journey, FitzGerald describes the process behind this album: "Last winter, during a period of intense mental isolation/ alienation, totally consumed in the research for this album, I started to feel disconnected from humankind to an extent that i felt no-longer human Instead, I felt as if I was a visiting body watching a society implode. This album presents a perspective genuinely lacking comprehension of the current state of the world and how we've let it get so far gone"


1. Our Exhalation
2. A Failed Species
3. The Endling
4. This World Doesn't Want Us
5. Warning Signs
6. The Red Sun Of Ophelia
7. Sylvia Earle
8. Illusions Of Progress
9. Pine Island Bay
10. Siberia
11. The Oracle's Song
12. A Different Kind Of Battlefield
13. The Skeleton Of Industry
14. It Will Return To What It Was Before 

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