The Higher

The Core

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XL Recordings

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XL Recordings present The Higher, refracting back serotonin drenched fragments of the golden years of break hardcore, rave and jungle, "The Core" is like if The Death Of Rave label and Lorenzo Senni had a pill'ed up love child under a motorway arch off the M1 in 1993. It's both at once rose-tinged rave nostalgia and up-to-date breakbeat science, with stuttered, gated sound design meeting a seriously controlled rhythmic assault, that's more like precision laser beams attacking with an uncanny degree of accuracy than the reckless jungle mortar barrages of yesteryear.

This is exceptional stuff here folks, another crucial signing by one of the most pivotal and enduring labels in dance music. Highly recommended!


1. The Core
2. Stick 3
3. Submarine '99
4. Submarine '95 

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